Saturday, 17 November 2012

White people mourning Romney?

A tumblr that has simultaneously entertained me and made me weep for America. What gets me is that people would have such a strong reaction to the loss of someone who had managed to alienate 47% of the population and the majority of women and African-American voters (no really, Romney got a whopping 6% of the black vote).

I get it that his supporters felt that he was the best man for the job, but the reactions to his loss have been simply over the top. I mean, really, a death notice for America stating cause of death as suicide? Have you really been so brainwashed by the rape apologizing, female dehumanizing, racism of the far right that a moderate democrat in office is the death of a nation?

Obama is not Hitler and he will not commit genocide just because people disagree with him. Quite the opposite, he is far more capable of accepting opposing viewpoints than many of the so called "freedom" crowd. And he doesn't cry persecution every time someone say "I disagree".

He is neither Muslim (or as I have seen it “muslin”) nor Kenyan. This has been dead and beaten since 2004. If you can’t accept that, I suggest you spend the next 4 years sequestered in your bomb shelter so the rest of us can live in peace.

He is not a socialist dictator. Yes he has some socialist ideas, like insurance companies shouldn't be able to refuse to cover someone because of some so called "pre-existing" condition like being too tall or having a uterus. But if you really think Obama is creating a Commie Utopia, I strongly suggest you move to an actual communist country and see what the differences are.

Here's the thing, before Obama we had to put up with eight years of this guy named Bush. Someone that sunk the country into trillions of dollars’ worth of debt, started a war with every country that looked at us cross-eyed, and did everything in his power to screw over anyone who didn't fit in with the white, rich, middle aged demographic. Yes, I know the right has been working to erase these eight years from memory, but I haven't forgotten and neither will the rest of the bleed heart liberals. It didn't kill (most) of us to deal with Bush, I think you poor, persecuted Christian right could handle living in a country led by a man with some sense of social justice for another four years. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two.

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