Saturday, 11 August 2012

Stupidity That Knows No Bounds

For many people the Tea Party encompasses all that is wrong with the US today. They are nothing more than a group of racist, neo-con, ignorami. Now, a tea partier has expanded on that. Jerome Corsi has decided that because President Obama once wore a ring on his left ring finger and sat on the same couch as his roommate in university, they must have been married. That’s right folk… According to Corsi, Obama was involved in a “gay marriage” before he was married to his wife Michelle. There is so much wrong with this logic I am having a hard time figuring out where to start, so I’ll start with this: I hate the term “gay marriage” and if Obama was married to another man before being married to a woman, it clearly illustrates why I have a problem with the term. Gays are not the only ones who are looking to marry people of the same gender. You want to be accurate, the term same-sex marriage covers it best. Now we can look at two of the main logic fails. 1) The ring – Obama wearing a ring on his left ring finger means jackshit. Really. Plenty of unmarried people I knew in my younger years wore a ring on that finger for a number of different reasons (the most common of which was they did the whole purity shit and that is traditionally where the purity ring goes). 2) Hyperbole – Really… Apparently sitting on the same couch together (mind you closer than usual, due to an excess of crap on one end of the couch) is the same as Obama sitting in this guy’s lap. One big rule of trying to make a logical argument is do not exaggerate your points. That just makes it a big joke. So, clearly Corsi knows what he’s talking about, right? *snort* Not likely.

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